Emerald symbolism is as lively and diverse as its appearance. It’s an affirming, positive stone. It helps you get your bearings in the world, and enhance your experience in every aspect of it. Emeralds can be interpreted as a symbol for beauty, understanding, love and fertility. They also symbolize harmony and peace. They motivate us to be the most patient, authentic and grounded versions of us.
What exactly does an Emerald Have to Look Like?
Although emeralds may vary in their color, their primary color of green remains the similar. crystal tower Shades of yellow and blue may also be present. Emeralds can be cut into rectangular shapes for jewelry , cabochons and jewelry as well as the design has come to be associated with the stone, and is even called the “emerald cut”.
Emeralds’ appearance throughout time has inspired, calmed and provided optimism. Because of their rich color and luxurious quality Emeralds are the most sought-after gems among royalty and gem lovers. wholesale crystals canada