The most meaningful Every monthly Charitocracy members pool donations to fund a particular charity they choose to vote for. The person who receives the gift is a Charitocracy members for the duration of one year. The recipient is able to vote each month on the cause they wish to support by donating any amount you contribute for them. You’ll receive an email with a gift certificate and you’ll be able to make a print-friendly copy or deliver it to the person you wish to gift it.
Charitocracy’s gift is an ideal gift to a social justice hero who is committed to solving social issues or someone who’s interested in learning more about the issues for different people in society and the different imaginative ways in which charities approach these issues. Thanks to our members’ nominating charities every month, we’re constantly learning about different groups of people who are in need and the charities which are dedicated to improving the lives of these people. Find out about these amazing charitable organizations and how they efforts to unleash your inner philanthropist! Don’t miss out on becoming part of this enlightened as well as caring group and sharing it with beloved ones! creative gifts for friends