Alongside its stunning ocean-like hues, Abalone Shell is a security stone, but not only since it serves this same real-life purpose in nature. If you’re struggling to find your way or uncertain, your Abalone Shell can help you to find peace and guidance.

This makes this stone very popular in the battle against anxiety, but also in staying true to oneself and especially when it comes to issues of the heart. This stone may help when self-deflection and fear can cause problems in the relationships you have.
It works by connecting one to a bigger picture as well as assisting you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in any specific scenario. It is a great stone for anyone seeking to start a new chapter in life – the beginning of a relationship, a job change, and on. All safely and with confidence.
Agate is a gem that has stood the test of time as the best source of the energy of balance and grounding. It’s an incredibly positive feeling happiness that is present in Agate this means even the most skeptical and exhausted of us can find some optimism for the future by let the energies of Agate in.